• One element of NT@ZB's program is the rigorous curricular requirements for graduation. Students need to pass all their scheduled coursework in order to be on track not only for graduation, but also for the rigors of career and college life after high school. Sometimes students, for whatever reason, need to make up a credit-bearing course in order to complete their graduation eligibility. Should this be the case, students will need to enroll in one of District 126's credit recovery options.
    District 126 utilizes Apex Learning for most of its credit recovery options.  Students may use Apex coursework to recover credits due to failed courses as well as courses that may be missing due to transfer from an outside institution. Apex coursework is designated as an Apex course on the high school transcript. If there are concerns about whether or not this course designation will meet a student's individual post-secondary requirements, the student should check with his/her counselor.
    Credit recovery programs are heavily dependent on the individual student's motivation to succeed. Apex coursework allows students to work at their own pace, but there are still timelines for successful course completion. Students should be sure to discuss their timeline and the number of required courses with their guidance counselor. 
    For more information on credit recovery options via 9th Hour or Summer School, click on the options listed to the left of this page.