• Vision

    All students will learn and be successful.


    To promote self-worth, social responsibility, and lifelong learning in partnership with our community.

    Values and Beliefs

    These are the tenets that guide our thoughts, decisions, and actions.

    We believe...

    • in creating a collaborative learning environment among staff and students.
    • all students deserve a safe learning environment.
    • in providing engaging learning experiences that will help students develop intrinsic motivation to succeed.
    • in equal access to a rigorous education that promotes college readiness and life long learning.
    • in empowering students to take ownership for their learning.
    • teachers serve as responsible role models.
    • in a reflective learning community that aspires towards continual improvement.
    • that respect for fellow classmates, adults, and the educational environment begins with respect for oneself.
    • in creating a partnership with families and the community at large.