• Meet Marianna Zeidler

     Mrs. Zeidler is an old 1950’s prototype with Chinese components assembled in Peru and programmed by a Swiss team in an American lab for use in Europe and North America.

    She is powered by a “multi-core processor” which can provide immediate advantages that boost her multi-tasking power and improve the throughput of multi-field applications. Overall, Mrs. Zeidler offers a way of delivering more capabilities while balancing energy-efficient performance.  When combined with “Hyper-Tasking Technology” she performs at its best delivering —with the appropriate enticement — fully parallel execution of multiple tasks by more efficiently using resources otherwise unknown or idle.  Mrs. Zeidler’s ideal co-workers or supervisors can perceive each of her execution cores as a discrete processor, with all the associated execution resources.  Her performance has been tested in 23 countries in four continents.

    Mrs. Zeidler’s scenario includes a background in engineering with emphasis in marketing, graphic design, and administration applied to the travel industry, banking and industrial and high-tech manufacturing.  She is also involved in real estate brokerage, language and special program instruction, translations and philanthropy.  Mrs. Zeidler’s main operating languages are English, Spanish and German.  With the appropriate accessories, she can also perform in French, Italian and Japanese.  During idle times, she enjoys cooking and entertaining, sewing, reading, photography, taking care of her orchids and tutoring underprivileged children.  Her worldwide experience has provided her with a unique advantage in cultural competency.

    ISBE's Tenth Annual Summit Conference for Bilingual Parents
    May 09, 2015 

    Summit 2015May

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     M. Zeidler ∙ Seng Naolhu ∙ Adela Weinstein
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