• eLearning Overview

    District 126 believes that all students should be able to continue their learning regardless of interruptions to the school year and physical school environment.  The district's eLearning program allows students to continue their education and complete assigned coursework from home.  In this digital age, eLearning promotes flexible learning and learning beyond the walls of our buildings.  As a result, District 126 is confident that its eLearning program will serve to continue to support students' learning even when they are not present in our buildings.  The district is also mindful of students' health and emotional needs and has provided links to a variety of resources, as well as district contact information, for those in need of assistance.

    eLearning Plans and Procedures

    District 126 will be moving from remote continuous learning opportunities to implementing its official eLearning plan effective Tuesday, March 31st and until school resumes. By 8:00 am on each designated eLearning day, teachers will post their assignments for the day through each building’s learning management system--Canvas (ZBTHS and ZAP) or ECHO (New Tech).  

    Teachers will be available for instructional support during the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., and students are encouraged to create a schedule/routine to complete work during these hours.  However, course work will not occur synchronously (live), and students can complete assigned tasks at any time during the eLearning day.  If a student cannot complete the work during that school day, the student should follow up with the teacher (via phone or email) on options to complete the work following the eLearning day. 

    Daily Attendance

    Students will be asked to complete a Google form each day to document attendance.  They can sign in at any time during the eLearning day. The attendance link will be in each learning management system (listed as a global announcement in Canvas for ZBTHS and ECHO for New Tech) by the start of the eLearning day; it will also be posted on the APEX dashboard for Project Recover students.  Students should expect a different attendance link for each day. Students do not need to sign in for each class period; they only need to sign in once per day.

    2019-20 Second Semester Grading (Revised May 18, 2020)

    District 126 recognizes that this tumultuous time combined with a new method for delivering instruction has been a struggle for students. The district will follow the most recent Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) recommendations on grading that are based upon “no educational harm to any child.”  As a result, the district will adopt the following ISBE guidelines when determining second semester grades:

    • Students will have the opportunity to redo or make up work assigned prior to remote learning until 12 noon on June 4.
    • A student’s 3rd Quarter grade will be maintained provided they engage sufficiently in remote learning during the second semester school closure.
    • If a student who was passing 3rd Quarter does not sufficiently engage in remote learning prior to June 4, the student will earn a Pass (“P”) for their second semester grade. A “P” provides the student with the credit for the course but does not affect the student’s grade point average (GPA).
    • If a student was earning an “F” at 3rd Quarter and does not engage sufficiently to raise their grade to a passing level, the student will earn an “Incomplete” (rather than an “F”) for second semester.  An “Incomplete” does not affect the student’s GPA, but if the course is required for graduation, the student will need to rectify the “Incomplete”.
      • Students will have the final five days of second semester (May 29-June 4) to submit work to improve their grade or rectify an “Incomplete”.  
      • If the student is not able to fulfill requirements during May 29-June 4 and the course is a graduation requirement, the student will need to make up the course via summer school, 0 hour or 9th hour credit recovery, or during the school year if their daytime schedule permits. 


    In summary, all students will earn a grade of A, B, or C;  Pass (“P”); or Incomplete (“I”) for their second semester course grades.  There will be no “D” grades and no “F” grades reported in an effort to do no harm to students.


    In addition, students who earned an A, B, or C through doing sufficient work have the option to complete a Pass/Fail form to have their A, B, or C changed to a Pass (“P”).  Students should consult their counselor when considering this option.


    For additional details on how senior grades will be determined, please click here.


    For additional details on how freshman, sophomore, and junior grades will be determined, please click here


    Internet Access

    During this unprecedened time, there are some companies that are providing resources for accessing the internet: click here for more information.

    Technical Support

    Technical support will be available during eLearning days.  All District 126 students have a district-issued Chromebook.  Should students require technical support on an eLearning day, students can send a ticket from their school-issued email address to techhelp@zbths.incidentiq.com. Doing so will create a ticket. Once a ticket is created, students should expect a response within 24 hours.  If students are unable to access their email for some reason or need immediate help, they can also call the District 126 helpdesk at 847-731-9777.


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