• Student Support Team Referral Process:
    1. Prior to making a referral to SST via the Google Doc form, please make sure that you have attempted some specific  interventions with the student and documented your attempts, the dates of the attempts and if they were successful or not.  Possible interventions may include but are not limited to
      a. Student/Parent contact
      b. Contact other classroom teachers for insight regarding student
      c. Tutoring (schedule time to meet with student, academic lab, guided study)
      d. Referral to SAP or support group
    2.  Students can be referred by a classroom teacher, advisor, parent/guardian and any member of SST.
    3.  When a student is brought up at SST, history of the problems are shared and other SST members may communicate information they may have about the student or contact they may have had.  
    4.  The team brainstorms/recommends possible interventions that may include but are not limited to:  
      a. Student/Parent contact
      b. Teacher contact (staffing with teachers and parents)
      c. Review of records or contact with sender school
      d. Social Work screen
      e. Schedule change
      f. Other appropriate interventions
    5. The appropriate staff will be assigned to work on interventions and a follow up date is set.
    6.  A number of interventions and follow ups may be attempted.
    7.  If the student continues to be unsuccessful either academically or behaviorally, a data packet will be compiled and a case study evaluation may be considered.

    Click HERE to start an SST Referral

    Student Support Teams:
  • Meeting Times:
    ZB Team 1 (A-JA) – Wednesday, 4th period, Student Services Conference Room
    ZB Team 2 (JE-RA) – Wednesday, 3rd period, Student Services Conference Room
    ZB Team 3 (RE-Z) – Wednesday, 2nd period, Student Services Conference Room
    NT – Friday, 8:00 am, NT Conference Room