• The NT@ZB Guidance Office is part of the District 126 Student Services support system and oversees students' overall academic progress. Monitoring progress towards graduation, guiding college and career preparedness, and providing scholarship information, the school counselor is the resource that all students need to utilize during their time at NT@ZB.  The college/career counselor also monitors all district assessments to ensure that students are matching their existing skills with their plans for the future.
    The guidance office also works with students who may have failed classes to create a plan to ensure that students can fulfill graduation requirements. Whether the plan includes 9th Hour Credit Recovery, summer school, or Project Recover, the guidance office will work with students and families to plan for post-high school life.
    Should students need to see the school counselor, they should make an appointment in the main office to see if she is available.
    In the left navigation bar, you will find pages that link to a variety of resources that the guidance office recommends for students. 

    To access more information about District 126's Student Services click here.
    Note:  NT@ZB's College Board CEEB Identification Code is: 144-516
    College and Career Information Announcements:

    Please note all college admissions representative visits and scholarship announcements are listed in Naviance. Parents, have your student add you to their Naviance account for full access. Parents can also log in to Naviance as a guest, using the link right below and the guest password: zb126.

    All students! We will be using Naviance this year to help you develop and manage your post-high school college/career plans. Family Connection is the student side of Naviance, and allows you to access and share information with your counselor as you navigate college and career options.
    Go to http://connection.naviance.com/nthzbe 
    If you have a registration code, please register!
    If you don't have a registration code, contact your counselor for your code.

    Current Seniors! Parchment is the only way to send official transcripts to colleges or other after high school programs. The program will electronically send your transcript to the college.
    Go to http://www.parchment.com to order official transcripts to be sent.
    If you haven't registered in Parchment, please see your counselor.
    Passwords can be re-set on the Parchment log in page. 
    Transcripts that are needed for scholarship applications are generally paper transcripts that can be requested in the main office using the tracscript request form. 

    FAFSA Completion Workshops
    The FAFSA does not open until October 1 every year.
    Please check back later for updated workshop dates!
    Need help filing a FAFSA? Just want to make sure you filled it out correctly? Come to a FAFSA Completion Workshop! Financial Aid specialists will be available to help at each of these workshops!
    In order to complete a FAFSA, you will need:
    1. Your and your parents’ 2018 tax forms OR W-2's and untaxed income records, such as child support or VA non-education benefits
    2. Your and your parents’ driver’s license/state ID, social security numbers (student must have one), date of birth, month/year of parents’ marriage, divorce, and/or separation
    3. Information about 2018 financial assets such as: savings, certificates of deposit, stock shares, bonds, investment real estate, business/farm assets, etc.