ZBTHS Instructional Materials Center (IMC)

We don't give grades.  We make them better.
  • To access the IMC Research Resources (databases), please click here



  • Summer Reading Presentations

    If you would like to review a copy of the summer reading presentations given to 8th grade students and ZBTHS advisories, please click here.

    Little Free Libraries in Our Area
    Students are encouraged to visit area Little Free Libraries.  We have 15 LFL in our area.  Students may visit these small boxes, take a book and donate a book at any time.  We ask that all students show ZB Pride when you visit a box so that this remains a positive experience for everyone who participates.  To find a LFL near you, visit our map.

    To Access Database Usernames and Passwords
    The ZBTHS IMC provides access to over 45 subscription databases that require a ZBTHS username/password.  Please click here if you need this information.  This form is restricted to current ZBTHS students and staff.  Please email Mrs. Will at willd@zbths.org if you require assistance with these materials.

    IMC Hours
    The IMC is open daily for students from 7am until 4pm. Extended hours will be announced if student use of the library indicates more hours are necessary. We look forward to helping all of our students and staff. If you need to contact us via telephone, please call 847-731-9482.

    Book Purchase Recommendations
    If you would like to recommend that the ZBTHS IMC purchase a specific book that is not found in our collection, please click here

    IMC Cards
    To report a lost or damaged IMC Card, please contact Mrs. Sharon Padfield at PadfielS@zbths.org.

    Classroom Reservations
    To check out a conference room or IMC Classroom, please contact Mrs. Susan Meyer at MeyerS@zbths.org.

    Audio-Visual Assistance
    If you need assistance with an A/V item, please contact Mrs. Catherine Leafblad at LeafblaC@zbths.org.