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Zion-Benton Township High School
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All phone numbers begin with 847-731-
All email addresses end with
Need tech support?
Option 1:  Dial x9777

When the system answers Press "1" for TechCrew support.  

Option 2:  Email request to
---------------- This is the preferred method ---------------

When you email your problem please...

1.  Provide your NAME and ROOM where the problem is occurring. 

Also, please include the location and a brief description of the problem in the Subject  of the email.  The more information you provide the better. For example if you are experiencing print problems include  which computer(s) can not print to which printer(s).  I.e. "Rm 156: Teacher computer cannot print to HP 3005 in English office" or  "Rm 306:  Sony DVD player not displaying on LCD projector" or "Rm 210: Keyboard on student computer is missing a key."  
2. Tell us when you need the issue resolved.  
If you need something done by noon that day please indicate that in the email.  If you don't need it fixed until a later date please indicate that as well.  This will help to prioritize requests and address needs in a prompt and timely fashion.  
3. Limit your emails to one per incident.
A new ticket is created EVERY TIME you send an email to  If you need to check the status of a ticket you can log-in to the Ticketing system and see all of your tickets.  You can access the ticketing system on the Tech Department home page.   If you don't know how to log-in please contact tech support for assistance.

Technology Director
Joe Fleming
LAN Administrator
Email: flemingj
John Meyer
System Support Specialist 
Email: meyerjb
Minnie Rakher
Email: rakherm
Dan Sullivan
Data Analyst
Email: sullivad
Andrea Bailey
Instructional Aide
Email: baileya
Last Modified on December 7, 2016